Modular Command and Data Handling (CDHS) Hardware Development Project

The project aims to create a modular command and data handling (CDHS) system for use in satellites ranging from NanoSats to Small satellites up to 250kg. The prime objective is the development of an on-board computer based on a modular flexible architecture that would allow its reusability in UAE’s growing space sector. The modular design aims to meet the challenging requirements of space qualified miniaturized on-board computers such as high computational power, large memory storage and versatile interfaces while maintaining low power consumption, low mass and volume. The resulting system would allow the hardware to be used in a wide range of UAE Space missions and satellite classes.


Research Objectives

Develop a modular On-Board computer that can be used in a wide array of space missions. Develop the skills and the framework to develop electronics for space missions.



Oct 3, 2023