Earth Observation Group

The Earth Observation Group (EOG) specializes in Remote Sensing based observation of the earth’s surface. The group is involved in research with the goal of improving the understanding about earth’s surface process, phenomena, and its predictability in response to climate change. This group provides end-to-end expertise, from mission concept design to downstream data processing activities.

This group is driven by the user needs. In fact, the first remote sensing-based project was carried out to develop high-resolution land cover land use map on a temporal basis to identify changes over time. This project led to the development of Earth observation group in National Space Science & Technology Center (NSSTC). Apart from this, it also delivers consultancy services to a variety of stockholders for effective decision-making based on different geospatial data sets. 

The group pursues research in various fields of EO, which include:

  1. Geosciences.
  2. Farmland and vegetation monitoring.
  3. Environment and climate change.
  4. Surface Hydrology.
  5. Hazard zonation and disaster mitigation.
  6. Urban sprawl monitoring.
  7. Offshore changes and algal bloom monitoring.
  8. Terrain Modelling etc.

Oct 3, 2023